Unique Spaces In A Magical Setting​

Each room with a unique design as well as attention that is totally personalized.

Dedicated to your peace of mind

Galicia is a place that will stay with you.

Tidal wave

Short but well marked waves begin to break the crests. Glassy looking foam.

Curly Sea

Small waves that do not break.

Flat sea

Smooth sea like a mirror, without waves.

Tidal wave II

Long waves with well-characterized white foam tufts. When breaking it produces a murmur that is extinguished quickly.

Strong Tidal Wave

Longer waves with white foam crests all around. The sea breaks with a constant murmur.

Thick sea

High waves. The sea when breaking produces a deaf rolling noise.

Very Thick Sea

The sea riots. The white foam that forms when breaking the ridges agglomerates in banks.

Wooded Sea

Increases the height and length of waves and their crests. The foam agglomerates in narrow bands in the direction of the wind.

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