A sample of the incredible grandeur of the landscape that surrounds us.

Let the charm and the Galician essence flood your senses, with a constantly moving menu.

Open every day

Open from 13.00 to 16.00

Friday - Sunday

OPEN FROM 13:00 to 16:00 AND 20:00 to 24:00

We believe in a purely fresh cuisine of the day with the flavor of the sea and local vegetables. That is why we use market products. The result? The sum of the sea with the tradition of the land.


Breakfast Menu Selection


Millet, Chia, Almond Milk, Caramelized Bananas, Toasted Almond, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar

Garden salad mix

Apples, Labneh Cheese, Lemon Vinaigrette
Add Grilled Chicken, Scallops or Smoked Salmon

Waldorf champions

Hot Smoked Salmon, Apple, Grape, Blue Claire Cheese, Celery Walnut Dressing

Classical english

Two Eggs, Crispy Potato, Tomato Jam, House Made Sausage or Bacon, Toasted House Made Bread

More than a Restaurant

We always accompany your table with the best selection of wines from our winery. And after dinner, a sweet paired with notable distillates and a Premium cocktail bar.
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